Eulini becomes part of The Kingdom of Catan

As Michael Forest sadly died in the early hours of this morning – the Catan Government has set plans to incorporate the former People’s Republic of Eulini as a partition of the Kingdom of Catan. It will be known simply as Eulini and under the Identity Act all citizens will be known as Catanese. No further comments will be given at this time.

Eulini declares war against the Kingdom of Catan

At 17:00 hours the Catan Government received notification from the former Ambassador to the People’s Republic of Eulini that war was to be declared due to the ongoing border crisis and the apparent political ignorance within Catan proper.

Subsequently all major roads have been closed for military passage only and will reopen within 48 hours. The Army has been deployed to the border with Eulini.

No further notifications will be given at this time.