The Kingdom of Catan is a independent sovereign nation founded in 1999 by then Queen Alicia I. Successive Governments have changed the physical, online and political landscape of the country.


The current Prime Minister will be decided after the next General Election. The Kingdom of Catan is headed by a Monarch who is currently James-Mitchell I who has been King since 2010 after succeeding his mother who abdicated.


The Kingdom of Catan is made up of Catan, Islan Home, Deephaven and Catan Island – each constituent country has their own prospective administrations who manage a majority of legislating affects however defence, foreign affairs and the economy is managed by the Central Catan Government in Alexis.


The country is ranked 199th in terms of it’s population with over 350 people registered at the last census. The country is ranked 196th in terms of area (Catan only).

Basic Information

The Kingdom of Catan is a micro nation based in Normanton, West Yorkshire United Kingdom. The Kingdom consists of Catan, Islan Home, Deephaven and Catan Island. Each have their own prospective administrations. The monarch is James-Mitchell who rules the House of Alexis-Premium. The Kingdom has it’s own parliament which manages foreign affairs and defence. The Parliament of Catan can at any time suspend all other administrations. The country is ranked 199th in terms of it’s population and 196th in terms of area. Catan has a consular information sheet issued by the U.S Department of State. The seat of government is Alexis which is also the capital. The country is a well-known micro nation with multiple incidents throughout it’s history.
The Kingdom is controlled by the Council of Ministers who propose defence structures and foreign affairs initiatives for the Catan Government to implement. The Catan Government has effective control over every member of the Kingdom.