Here is a full list of Ministerial Links (Note: the respective Departments of the Ministries are not included in this list). A full list can be found on the Government website directly.


Ministry of General Affairs – Rt. Hon. Abigail Barnet MP – Prime Minister

Ministry of Justice & Defence – Rt. Hon. Henry White MP – Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Justice & Defence

Ministry of Foreign & Kingdom Affairs – Rt. Hon. Donovan Booner MP – Minister of Foreign & Kingdom Affairs

The Treasury – Rt. Hon. Rose Cox MP – Chancellor of the Exchequer

Rt. Hon. John Graham MP – Deputy Chancellor of the Exchequer

Ministry of Home & Rural Affairs – Rt. Hon. Courtney Flohr MP – Minister of Home & Rural Affairs

Ministry of Business, Work & Pensions – Rt. Hon. Millie Kirk MP – Minister of Business, Work and Pensions

Ministry of Environment & Transport – Rt. Hon. Jemmy Rijnder MP – Minister of the Environment and Transport

Ministry of Civil Affairs – Rt. Hon. Katie Hale MP – Minister of Civil Affairs

Ministry of Defence / Catan Armed Forces – Rt. Hon. Joshua Miller MP – Minister of Defence / Commanding Officer

Ministry of Communities & Local Government – Rt. Hon. Robert Sampson MP – Minister of Communities & Local Government

Ministry of Education, Innovation and Children – Rt. Hon. June Williams MP – Minister of Education