Letter from Her Majesties Government of the United Kingdom confirms independence

The Prime Minister received a letter from Her Majesties Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which confirms independence of the Kingdom of Catan.

The letter signed by Theresa May outlines that all British forces will withdraw from the Borders of the Kingdom of Catan with immediate effect.

Letter from Theresa May confirms independence (Scan-Copy)

Confirms independence – what does this mean for me?

A lot will be changing. From school funding to council taxes, police and emergency services will also change. Furthermore, the general election which is due to be held on 6 June 2017 won’t take place in Catan. Moreover, the border regions will also be better protected. We all know this won’t be instant and will take time but together we can make a positive difference.

How long will it take laws to change?

Laws can only change once people accept the laws. We accept this won’t be complete overnight. However, we will be sending information packs out to everyone with a copy of the letter. Moreover, we expect smaller shops and businesses to make the changes sooner.

I live in Normanton – why am I affected?

Normanton used to be part of the People’s Republic of Eulini. A country which can only be described as trigger happy. During the Second Catan-Eulini war we took action to terminate the threat permanently and took Eulini under our control. Eulini or Normanton will experience a massive drop in prices for everyday goods.

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